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“The American Heiress” by Daisy Goodwin is undoubtedly a page turning novel that enlightens it’s readers to many timeless lessons. But I have narrowed my conclusions to 3 things that money (even in abundance) can’t buy.

1). History. By that I mean a well respected, long standing family reputation that goes back for many generations. Mrs. Cash did not take particular pride being the daughter of an American civil war soldier and found that despite her wealth she could not establish such a pedigree for her daughter. Therefore marriage was the only option for young Cora to become properly connected with English society.

In fact, it was the lack of a hereditary title that was the true weakness that the English could expose from the proud Mrs Cash. Inevitably Mrs. Cash was envious of the English families who could carry themselves with dignity knowing that they and their ancestors were regarded as people of substance. While it was true that wealth put Mrs. Cash’s daughter in a position to marry into English society. One must admit that it was only his priceless DNA that qualified the cash strapped Duke of Wareham to marry the beautiful American Heiress.

2). Loyalty. Some would argue that loyalty can be bought. But that was not the case for Cora Cash the new Duchess of Wareham. Despite the fact that it was her inheritance that kept the estate running there was not a single member of her English staff who had any regard for her.

The combination of a title and wealth still did not prevent Cora from being the victim of vicious gossip and treacherous acquaintances. And the one form of loyalty that emerged from Cora’s American maid Bertha was largely borne out of pity and duty. When it comes to the quality of loyalty there simply are no short cuts and money alone can not create its existence.

3). True Love. Love is not a recipe that only requires the proper ingredients applied in the correct amounts. If that were the case Cora and Ivo’s marriage would have been perfect from the start. Both young, both attractive, and each had qualities the other lacked. But the fact was that despite Cora’s money being essential for the future of Lulworth estate it was actually one of the initial barriers that prevented them from truly falling in love with each other.

His pride and her eagerness to please were at odds with each other and being wealthy did not shield them from their personal differences. They were on a collision course to separation and divorce until they broke down and did the one thing they most avoided. Communicate.

Yes, only when they honestly shared their past and current feelings did they truly become rich!

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