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Reflecting on my book choices over the last few months has been very insightful. I feel that these talented authors have truly expanded my thinking on a variety of subjects. Allow me to explain………

“House Rules” by Jodi Picoult. Not only are readers given a raw honest look into the world of a family with an autistic family member, but we are also inside the head of 18 year old Jacob as he tries to decipher the complicated world around him. The lesson I drew the most from this book is the vital need for a family support group, and the dire consequences that can result when one does not exist.

“Daniel Isn’t Talking” by Marti Leinbach. I would advise readers to read this book first and then “House Rules” as this book takes us into the lives of a family with a newly diagnosed autistic child. Written from a completely different angle this book is a tale of self discovery. Young Daniel’s diagnosis forces the entire family to discover that in reality Daniel wasn’t the only individual who struggled with the art of communication.

“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I would advise readers to read this book with an open mind despite the recent movie adaption. Look for the insight given to the day to day struggles of a quadriplegic medically and emotionally, and how the caregivers can be among the most selfless yet controlling individuals that can exist.

“After You” by Jojo Moyes. Admittedly this book does not have the same impact as the predecessor “Me Before You.” But I would still recommend reading it for closure after the emotional journey of “Me Before You.” This book gives a realistic follow up of each character and will leave you ready to move on and face the future.

“Still Alice” by Lisa Genova. This book also has a movie adaption and yet still shines as a very powerful work of fiction. The book is fast moving as the disease progresses and robs Alice of her fulfilling life. Yet it explains in a powerful way that Alice is definitely still the same dynamic woman she always was despite her growing limitations.

“Fingal O’Reilly Irish Doctor” by Patrick Taylor. This author has a unique way of writing his Irish Country series in such a way that you can read any book in the series and still be thoroughly entertained. But if you have read any of the previous books you will find the author answers many of the questions we may have asked: Why did Fingal and Kitty break up? What motivates Fingal to be so passionate as a GP despite opportunities to specialize? And what kind of people were Fingal’s parents? This book is a treat to read like the rest of the series along with being one of the most insightful.

The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak. (Please read my full book review on this book in my previous post)

“Brooklyn” by Colm Toibin. I first saw the premiere for this movie when I was in Ireland November of 2015 so naturally I viewed the movie first. But this book is truly a fine read. The author has artfully captured the insecurities, emotions, and triumphs of a young woman growing into womanhood. We also receive  cautionary lessons about being true to yourself and not striving to be a mere people pleaser. This book is a beautiful blend of cultures and truly the definition of a coming of age book.

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